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Bright beautiful things

playing house

Unchic and non-snarky decor
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This is a community devoted to unsleek interior design. It could be a mish-mash of things involving art deco clocks, Indian bedspreads and wedgwood plates. Maybe you like Victorian themed items, Asian tea sets and brightly painted walls. Tell us about it. The main point is to share things that interest you (whether it is embroidered tea towels, gaudy chandeliers, or stream-lined picture frames), to give a bit of inspiration and the joy of finding some really pretty things you acquired through Pier 1 imports, ebay or maybe a garage sale.
What does that mean? That means being a civilized human being to every other person. (the segue to the rules)

-If you wish to share a picture of something terrific you found or lust after (and everyone likes a picture) please do but if it seems fairly large it is considerate to put it behind an lj-cut tag. We have to think of our fellow members who not may not have a fast internet connection.

-While everyone appreciates a bit of snark let's contemplate the community for a moment and pausing for reflection before commenting. While you may not appreciate what someone else may like keep in mind that sharing your opinion upon every subject may not be the most helpful contribution to the community. Before you comment or even post think to yourself, "how will this affect annother person? Will this contribute to the community?" one isn't opposed to slightly off-topic subjects because it might be part of the natural flow of conversation but passive-aggressive, snide or cruel comments are never accepted. We won't immediately ban you but we will contact you directly and ask you what your aims were in saying such things.
Simply put? Just because you don't like something doesn't mean you should say, "Goodness you have lousy taste. What made you buy that?" nor should you say, "um... yeah, that is nice."
Also it is all well and good to be educated upon a subject and share your knowledge but you don't need to show it off to other people. You won't be invited to tea parties if you act like that.

-Please do not advertise another community without asking. If it is relevant to the theme of this community it will be welcome. A ratings community does not qualify.

-Please do not advertise eBay items you are selling. This isn't the classifieds.

-Be as dorky as possible. If you absolutely adore some interior design style that no one else may understand then tell us all about your great love. It is about having fun and not being cool or trendy.

-Malice and harrassment are not tolerated. Even second-handed.

gfrancie is your moderator and is happy to answer any questions and take any comments.