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More treasures...

I've been going through the boxes in my attic, trying to organize things so that I can decorate in a hurry once the renovation of our house is complete. I've been posting some of my "treasures" in my own journal but thought I'd post a few here as well in case anyone is interested:

I went through Box #2 last night. (Only about 30 to go!) Here's some of what I "found":

This set of 5 cups, saucers, and dessert plates belonged to my great-uncle Rocky in the 1940s. My aunt had it for many years, and gave it to me a few months ago. It's not in perfect condition, but I love having something that belonged to my family for so long... Once the kitchen is in better shape (and we bring my mom's 1940s maple kitchen cabinet back from FL), I'll be able to display these.

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Although I'm not religious in a traditional way, I tend to collect images of the Virgin Mary. They make me feel safe and protected...a remnant of two thousand years of Catholicism in my blood? I'm not sure. (Sorry for the angle on this.)

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This is a McCoy (I think) Dutch shoe planter. It's tiny, about 5" long. Some crazing at the toe, but that only makes it more interesting! This will go in the Dutch-themed kitchen, naturally:

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Although this probably belongs in my "aqua lot" that I'll be listing on Ebay soon, I just can't bear to part with it. Spaghetti-patterned tumbler from the 1950s or 1960s:

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This oversized tumbler (or measuring glass? it's twice the size of a normal drinking glass) will be part of the lot, though. Three things so far, but I'm sure I'll find more as I go along:

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