sarcastic darling (gfrancie) wrote in charmingclutter,
sarcastic darling


I made two more ornaments with that template yesterday. One is merely a sort of Belle in Red and the other is a kind of Angel with kind of a Jane Austen look about her (what with the empire waisted dress)

I used red crepe paper for her skirt and then I took some antique ribbon and sewed pieces together. That proved to be kind of interesting because I had to essentially construct it so the ribbon pieces of the skirt were sewn to the bodice also made of ribbon.

I used white mulberry paper and an organdy sort of ribbon to make the dress of this ornament and then I took some trim to make the wrap.

I must say I am quite proud of what I did with just paper and ribbon.
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Deleted comment

Thank you.
I have to stop now. All that cutting and sewing has left me tired.
These are great. Very creative for just paper and ribbon.
Give me ribbons and paper and I go crazy.
Ohh I'm the same way with magazines and gluestic!

And calligraphy materials.
oooh yeah. Yay crafting.
I've never done anything too "scrapbook" esque, but I'd like to.


12 years ago


December 13 2005, 20:33:53 UTC 12 years ago

They kind of look like you when you have your hair pulled back. They're beautiful! Heather :-)
How funny.
I am glad you like them.


December 14 2005, 04:29:13 UTC 12 years ago

it's me, your mother, i snuck in here. do you remember the stickers i had when you were 3 or 4--they were victorian little girls, and one of them looked just like you? it was a little unnerving. you were that kind of kid.
Yeah that was a bit spooky.

Deleted comment

Why thank you!

Deleted comment

Add away!