sarcastic darling (gfrancie) wrote in charmingclutter,
sarcastic darling

forgive my excitement.

I know it is awfully early to think about Christmas but as of late I have been thinking about older ornaments and specifically some ornaments and baubles that had belonged to my Grandmother.
She had these little candles of Santas and choir singers and she always had them out at Christmas and my Mother even had some. When my Grandmother died we acquired hers as well. They weren't anything terribly fancy as she had picked them up from the drug store for about fifty cents a piece in the early fifties.

It seems that the Vermont Country store is now selling these items. Look here. I suppose it might look a bit creepy to set fire to the top of their heads but we can't have everything can we?

They even have a Thanksgiving set

They also carry some Glass ball ornaments that look exactly like my Grandma's as well. (But often I have found you can get original ones on ebay for much less)

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