sarcastic darling (gfrancie) wrote in charmingclutter,
sarcastic darling

Making use of those bare surfaces

Time for a bit of sharing I say.

There are a couple of pretty pieces on the top of that bookshelf like the jug in the far left with the fish on it. Mr. Jenner's parents gave that to us as an engagement gift. It was made by the local potter in the village. He has beautiful things. I may use it to hold flowers sometime or maybe when I finally throw another tea party I will have the milk in there. Ideas ideas.
Also on this shelf there are the various puzzles Mr. Jenner has acquired over the years as gifts from people in hopes of stumping him. It hasn't been done. Note the globe. Entirely a jig-saw puzzle. I gave that to him last Christmas and he spent a good part of the holiday putting that together. I think he enjoyed that very much. Sometimes we had to tell him to socialize.

Here we have the girly bookshelf of Miss Gennie. A few antique tea cups that once belonged to my Grandmother the ever frightening and Nordic Ruby Rowan (nee Thorgerson) who as a young lady in her twenties would purchase a tea cup once a week on pay day and then host tea parties with her girlfriends who did the same. I have used these for tea parties before and people seem to like them. The rest of the time they decorate and hold a matchbox from a restaurant or my rings when I am washing dishes. There is also a sand dollar that Mr. Jenner found on the Oregon coast. He had never seen one before until then. I told him stories about where I went to Summer camp and how the beach was littered with them and there were sand dollar beds that we sometimes had to walk on when pulling a sail boat in. Did you know they have little black hairs?

Please meet Horatio the penguin. He is the guard of all large pretty books and cook books. Mr. Jenner gave him to me one Valentine's day (Horatio was holding a ruby necklace in his back) and he is quite a stoic sort. This particular book shelf holds some children's books, books on food writing, cook books, travel guides, travel writing and the wide assortment coffee table books on Flo Ziegfeld, a catalogue of the Pailey exhibit that traveled through the U.S. in the early nineties. I saw that show with my Mother, she let me skip school for the day to see it. She felt it was important to see real live impressionist/post-impressionist/modern works. Much more entertaining than a hellish day in the seventh grade. I remember seeing Degas, Picassos, Talouse Latrecs, (My very first)and some Jackson Pollacks. Beautiful stuff.

I tend to fill up every little space of a bookshelf. For now with small stuffed creatures and dolls. It lets them be seen and played with if need be. Every girl needs a doll or two.
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