sarcastic darling (gfrancie) wrote in charmingclutter,
sarcastic darling

Happy May day. Let's get crafty.

Years ago I had a really cool Victorian House coloring book (I know that kickadee would like this one a lot) that had pretty things to color and also interesting commentary on the period and explaining details about why people decorated the way they did and some of the social influences.
One thing the book discusses (and also have you color) are shell boxes. It was considered a proper way for a lady of any station (maids included) to spend her time. The basic idea was to take an old cigar box and get crazy with the glue and some shells and some of these boxes were so intricate with the designs that women came up with. It was right up there with scrap-booking. It seems some of these antique shell boxes that random ladies put together can fetch a price of 600 to 1,000 dollars. Sometimes more. It was a fairly simple craft project but was multi-purposed. The idea was to beautify a room but the object was also useful for everyday use. Not only did ladies make boxes, but also pin-cushions, frames and inkwells. The past-time became so popular that women could just purchase a shell kit and spend an afternoon working on making something attractive for their room.

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Wow...I love coloring books, and that one's very cool. :)

The seashell boxes remind me of ' sailor's valentines'.
It is really similar to the shell boxes.

This coloring book is so kick-ass it is by Dover and they always come up with interesting things.
I love all the Dover coloring books. Years ago there was a store on Lake City Way that sold nothing but Dover books. It closed soon after we moved here.
Now I can find them sparingly.
B&N carries them and there is also the dover website