Paper decor.

I decided to decorate a window with some Paper Lanterns for Halloween and to add a bit of color and light as it becomes darker and more grey out. It has added a lot to the room.
I found the directions to make these origami lanterns here. (they are also known as water bombs)
It turned out to be quite easy. Just a bit time-consuming to make a number of the lanterns. I found the vellum paper kind of tricky to work with but the mulberry paper worked quite nicely.
I will probably make some different colored ones for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


So while I was visiting my father last week, my fifteen year-old sister introduced me to her boyfriend as a "dish queen"--a term I taught her after seeing it in the New York Times! I'm so proud she remembered!

Here are some of the Dish Queen's treasures:

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More treasures...

I've been going through the boxes in my attic, trying to organize things so that I can decorate in a hurry once the renovation of our house is complete. I've been posting some of my "treasures" in my own journal but thought I'd post a few here as well in case anyone is interested:

I went through Box #2 last night. (Only about 30 to go!) Here's some of what I "found":

This set of 5 cups, saucers, and dessert plates belonged to my great-uncle Rocky in the 1940s. My aunt had it for many years, and gave it to me a few months ago. It's not in perfect condition, but I love having something that belonged to my family for so long... Once the kitchen is in better shape (and we bring my mom's 1940s maple kitchen cabinet back from FL), I'll be able to display these.

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Although I'm not religious in a traditional way, I tend to collect images of the Virgin Mary. They make me feel safe and protected...a remnant of two thousand years of Catholicism in my blood? I'm not sure. (Sorry for the angle on this.)
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It's a quiet Sunday afternoon, and I took the opportunity to disassemble and scan a vintage wallpaper catalog that I found on Ebay last spring. It dates from 1943. Here are some of my favorites: (if anyone would like copies, I have high resolultion scans--just ask)

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Gettin' your craft on.

The dreaded holiday of half-assed milk chocolate and ridiculous expectations may soon be upon us but we can set aside that insanity for a moment and think about cheerful things like making over the top cards or even decorating the house with interesting pretty things.

I found this particular piece:
through the Bath Postal museum which has high-lighted a few valentine cards from the 19th century.

Or you could get all Martha Stewarty and make
these paper cones.

It is kind of nice to add a bit of color to distract one from the dark dreary winter doldrums.


I made two more ornaments with that template yesterday. One is merely a sort of Belle in Red and the other is a kind of Angel with kind of a Jane Austen look about her (what with the empire waisted dress)

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I have been getting my craft on.
la_sherazade showed me a dandy little link that has a template to make your own pretty paper Christmas ornaments. Well I was inspired and I have made my own.

My blue fairy!

My Mother works in a shop that carries vintage and obscure pieces of scrap and trim so she has given me so beautiful pieces over the years and I took one piece and used it for the bodice of her dress and then I made a small tutu-style skirt using some ribbon. I made the wings out of vellum paper I keep around. It looks so beautiful at night with the Christmas lights on.

I am now looking through the rest of my scrap for other ideas of dresses and characters I can create.

forgive my excitement.

I know it is awfully early to think about Christmas but as of late I have been thinking about older ornaments and specifically some ornaments and baubles that had belonged to my Grandmother.
She had these little candles of Santas and choir singers and she always had them out at Christmas and my Mother even had some. When my Grandmother died we acquired hers as well. They weren't anything terribly fancy as she had picked them up from the drug store for about fifty cents a piece in the early fifties.

It seems that the Vermont Country store is now selling these items. Look here. I suppose it might look a bit creepy to set fire to the top of their heads but we can't have everything can we?

They even have a Thanksgiving set

They also carry some Glass ball ornaments that look exactly like my Grandma's as well. (But often I have found you can get original ones on ebay for much less)

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We went "thrifting" today, our bi-weekly ritual, and found some treasures. I particularly liked the combination of a (new) retro-style pillow from Target (which apparently donates items to the local Goodwill) and a vintage painted child's wooden chair. (And our chippy dining room wall, bien sûr.)

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