sarcastic darling (gfrancie) wrote in charmingclutter,
sarcastic darling

Art Nouveau

Last September when Mr. Jenner and I were in Paris we went to Musee D'orsay and while we loved all the impressionist/post-impressionst art we were also taken with a section devoted to decorative arts. There was a significant portion devoted to Art Nouveau which was an interesting period around the turn of the 19th/20th century that was very flowery and detailed. It is easy to dismiss it because of its beauty and easy popularity but it really had a vast influence on later periods. (like art deco)

What I like about art nouveau are the connecting details of any piece or painting. A line will extend and wrap around another piece and contribute to something else.

You can see they even used it in the Paris Metro stops.

I think that someday I would like to have a house with a few windows done in this design.
Something like this:

I love the colors and common patterns in things like this. It is almost romantic.
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